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Glow Bottle 


Does drinking water feel like a chore? Is your bottle a bore? Water is an undeniable necessity, but it can be hard to motivate yourself to stay hydrated. Our line of Glow Bottle water bottles is designed to help you stay on track in the gym, at work, at school, and at home, with hourly AM/PM time markers and encouraging text. These lightweight, reusable bottles are portable, ecologically friendly, and made of BPA-free plastic, making them safe for use for every member of the family. They have a sleek, attractive, frosted design, and come in two colors- white or pink with gold lids.



We are excited to extend our line, with plans to offer stainless steel and glass water bottle options, as well as a range of water bottle accessories, including lids that are compatible with straws, bottle cleaning brushes, bottle boots, and handles. Please continue to visit our page to learn more!




Stay Arty


Are you a parent with young children? A professional artist? Do you enjoy crafting as a hobby? Creating art and craft projects is a popular pastime that transcends age and ability- anyone can do it! With a little bit of imagination, paint, ink, glue, and glitter become a thing of beauty to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Our line of art supplies is ideal for any school project, personal pleasure project, or business project.

Our current main offering is our line of glitter cardstock, perfect for creating dazzling, on-trend invitations to special events like weddings or birthdays, brightening scrapbook pages, designing festive holiday cards, or making school projects pop. We offer a rainbow’s array of color and 300 GSM thickness that can easily withstand folding, shaping, glue, paint, and detailing. As we develop our product line further, we will also offer additional supplies, including coloring brushes, stencils, paint, canvas wall art, and other essentials related to art and crafts. Please continue to visit our page to learn more! 


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